Professinal Audio and Video Production by Nostalgic Studios


Video/Audio Production, Technical Training, Installation and more...

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Video Production

  • Wedding Video
  • Music Video
  • Video Editing (Compositing)
  • DVD / Blu-Ray Authoring
  • Internet Video Rendering
  • Advertisements and more...

Mixing / Engineering

Offering multi-track audio recording for all types of projects, including bands and audio for visual productions etc...

Audio Mastering

If you have a fresh audio product that requires industry standard mastering, we can help! The mastering process was created to bring up all your audio to the most optimal output level for playback and consistency. But it doesn’t stop there! Adding other enhancements can bring your creative magic alive.

Recording Techniques (Training)

As an affiliate of the Recording Connection, we offer hands-on training classes for the Beginning, intermediate and advanced audio engineering. Contact one of our reps for more detailed information.

Technical Services

Computer Repair

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Custom PC by Design

Offering custom PC by design (Windows based systems only) for all your business and personal needs. We build your computer from the ground up to fit your particular needs. Brand name computers come with components that are usually unnecessary for one specific need and are proprietary for each brand. Having a custom PC built for your main job is going to give you the power nessasary to handle all your workload.

The best solutions we recommend are the components that fit your needs. This way not only do you get exactly what you need, but better quality components all together. And when the time comes to upgrade, instead of purchasing a complete new system, you can upgrade just the components you need therefore having a better overall system. All parts come with a full manufacturer warranty. Extended warranties are also available. Contact one of our reps for more information.


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